Yukako Urata

Born in Nagoya in 1966, I obtained a Master of Arts from Nagoya University of Fine Arts in 1992.
Since then, I have devoted myself to Japanese paintings and presented my works at solo art exhibitions in various cities – Kamakura, Tokyo, Kyoto and others. My paintings are featured in Jinryu-ji temple (Painted sliding doors and ceilings) and Koumyou-ji temple (Painted sliding doors)

I now reside in Kobuchizawa, a small town in Yamanashi prefecture where I have my art studio with a traditional Japanese tea room in a beautiful natural setting.

Hotel Chinzan-so Tokyo Art Gallery

Preface to Yukako Urata solo exhibition
Extreme weather continues this year. It looks as if God is displeased at the impudent behavior of us human to nature.

But wait... look at these imagined scenery drawn...
Leave the breath of nature, fix her breathing and renew her appearance...

Impressed with Utara's eloquence - refreshing as sprinkling water a little under the blazing sun.
Feel an extra touch of class to the dignity that even small lives such as swallowtail butterfly and dragonfly bring on.

We would appreciate it if you could feel and enjoy the exhibition to your heart's content.

Art exhibition producer
Yasuaki Niimi

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