2018.12. 1~2019. 2.27
"Urata Yukako Special Painting Exhibition" will be held in the lobby of "the Prince Hakone Ashinoko". Please come and see it.

October 2017
Draw a sliding door picture of Koumyoji

November, 2017
"Yukako Urata solo exhibition" will be held at Ginza Bokushin Gallery.
I will present abstract paintings, Japanese paintings and paulownia tea boxes as well.
Please come and see it.

October, 2015
Solo exhibition held at “Kouro-An Chaho” tea room in Daitoku-Ji temple in Kyoto.
The primary exhibits were the Japanese artwork works using Japanese paper, ink and rock paint.

July, 2015
Solo exhibition held at Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge in Yamanashi.
Treasure every encounter with familiar nature as it may not come again.
I tried to express its beauty using natural inks and rock paint on Japanese washi paper.

Past News

August, 2014
Hotel Chinzan-so Tokyo Art Gallery
“Converse with Nature – Summer, 2014”
The first solo exhibition in Tokyo was held at Hotel Chinzan-so art gallery, Tokyo.
The exhibit included the Japanese painting works and hanging scrolls with familiar nature as the theme.

July, 2011
Solo exhibition at Kobuchizawa atelier.
The first solo exhibition after relocating my atelier to Kobuchizawa, in Yamanashi.
The motif has changed as the environment changed, but I am keeping in mind the creation of works that can be enjoyed by every day in life.

November, 2004
Solo exhibition at the Iwasadou-Art Gallery
I am very interested in drawing Japanese paintings as well as in drawing.
I tried to mounting my own painting. We also decorated hanging scrolls, colored papers and folding screens.

April, 2003
Solo exhibition at the Iwasa-Do art gallery, accompanied by the ceramic works created by Shusuke Nakane (from Mie Torii-Do kiln). The primary exhibit was the mounting of my father’s work (Masao Urata).

November, 1998
Ceiling painting dedication to Jinryu-Ji, Soto sect Buddhist temple.
Founded in 1532, Jinryu-Ji has protected the cemetery of Shogun (Samurai general) from Tsuchiura Castle. This website shows Dragon, the guardian deity, my dedication to the temple (36 sliding picture, 2 boards, and 2 ceiling paintings).